I Found My Voice

I have found that wearing my Human Citizens tee has made me much more sensitive to racial injustice.  And more inclined to address it when I see it.

I am biracial and although I know I am seen as a black woman, I didn't really feel I was as impacted by racial injustice.  It may sound silly or naive, but I just never noticed it affecting me before.  Therefore, unknowingly ignoring it when it happened around me.

Oddly enough, I noticed as soon as I started wearing my Black White Human shirt, it became my duty to be more aware of how people are treated because of their race, myself included.  I started paying attention and choosing not to ignore it when it came up. 

For instance, hearing the word "ghetto" to describe a conversation a co-worker had with a black woman. I was appalled that she described the lady that way, but also shocked that she didn't think I would be offended.  I found my voice to call her out. 

Normally, I would just shake my head, and act like I didn't hear.  However, I felt like I needed to be the voice for that person on the other end of the phone. She was a human being who deserved respect despite her dialect or where she lived.

Too often, I have heard these type of judgements and chose to write off the connotation because I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.  I can no longer sit back and be the one who is uncomfortable because people assume that my light skin and loose curls make it okay to say racially insensitive comments. 

I am so excited to finally have a platform that truly addresses my feelings about race.  If we all stood up when we saw a racial injustice being committed what a wonderful world it would be. Do your part, speak your truth, and let unity be the new cool.

Thank you Human Citizens.


Guest Blogger