LOVE IS DOPE because love is so much deeper than the flesh of someone's skin, the choice in their partner, or the beauty of their face.  We choose to love those around us because the inside is what matters. 

LOVE IS DOPE because when you connect to someone's soul, you learn to understand the world they are living in. It's not the same as yours, but that's ok, because you can respect a different perspective. 

LOVE IS DOPE because it doesn't cost a cent.  You don't have to make change for love.  When you surround yourself with a community that sees your worth, your potential is priceless.

LOVE IS DOPE because growth comes from sprinkling seeds of positivity, watering fields  of friendships, and feeding hearts with joy.  Be the one to spread love, motivate those around you and enhance someone else's life.

HUMAN CITIZENS is so excited to announce our new design - LOVE IS DOPE

We hope you think it's DOPE and LOVE it as much as we do.